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Default Strange Server Crash

Hi all, I go immediately to the point.

I'm hosting with a Server Machine a game using the console of Cliffs of Dover...
I made a "Loop" with some cmd files that call eachother and this work fine...
The problem is that some mission ( mission that have groups of "Chiefs" like ships, veichles and tanks ) suddendly crash without any warning kicking all the players out with the message "Connection lost Timeout bla bla bla".
After this when I go on the Server to check the reasons I Find the Console Still open, running and printing messages at video but when I Try to type any commands in it it simply doesn't respond...
So I try to type in it "host" to see if the server is still online but no response... It continue to print the messages coming from other .cmd that I made but it does not responde to any command...

What is this?
Maybe some chiefs that when reach a specific point make the server Crash?

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