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Hi all!

For those still unable to patch the game, I just found a work-around, and I'm here to share it with you!

Simply download izu-ftivcp.rar ("ftivcp" stands for "Freight Tycoon Inc. Vista Compatibility Patch"), and extract its content on the same place than you put the original non-working patch downloaded here, then double-click on "Patch.bat". It is basically just a simple "DOS" batch, which will do everything step by step, telling you everything in live. You can edit it if you wanna know more. It will extract the only usefull file from the original patch, search for your installation's folder (note to the game's developpers: this information is available in the registry, lol), rename the original file, and finally replace it by the patched one.

I dunno why 1C didn't let those having troubles with their patch the ability to download that single file (tycoon.dll) which is, once zipped, like 5 times smaller than the patch itself...!

And for those wondering why I made a script instead of just giving you the correct dll... Well, it's only to make you more confident about where the file comes from, and the devs about the fact I didn't modify anything myself. It's their own work, I just patched the patch!

That's it, you can finally enjoy what you paid for.
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