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Originally Posted by jake21 View Post
I played it; already 'beat' it. It was a rip off of fate (not really rip off since the same person wrote both games). I think titan quest was a 'better' game but at the end of they day I can't really recommend it. The games I'm really waiting for are dragon age; king bounty ap and perhaps mass effect 2 or bioshock 2.

If you want a torch like game I recommend titan quest gold (titan quest with expansion) which can frequently be found for $10 these days. It is a longer game with more character development options.
Hopefully there will be a nice sale on dragon age come black friday
Yep, TQ is the best Diablo clone around - and will be until Diablo III rolls out, though we may die of old age before that happens...

I have played it countless times, and the official tools give that allow you to easily mod it makes the game that more replayable. Plus, if you are a greek/roman/egyptian/chinese mythology nut, you will love this game...
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