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Exclamation Game trouble even after the patch

Well I think Im at the right spot here !

Problems hahaha a lot ok I will list them for what I acounterd .


1. There is a men on highway 101 on the exit to Ketelman city / Santa barbera. Just standing there do nothing I'm now in Dec in the Gameworld and he still stands there. And i remember that from the russian version That he had a mission .....

2. I turned off trafic it stil running like maleeas in januari to use 18 wos masage hahahaha Turned off police to make money instead off paying them .

3. Sometimes Nick has one foot the other just disapear could be my card I don't know but at full specs the game forgets sometimes to let you see the whole picture . and I mean this there was a truck driving the frame and two chairs a driver and that's about it strange. I have an 1 GB Card with 512 MB rating or speed . SO there should be no problem at all.

4. That Stupid storm express is winning the prize money all the time what's up with that Can't go fast anough on the money not realy a bug but tips are always welcome.

5. Tires are wrecked It's driving on Ice, engine cant brake I put in Manual shift put the truck up around 100 MPH then shit back to gear 1 and let go the clutch normaly I would have Died doing that engine goes from 1200 RPM to 9500 RPM come to the repair shop and suprise I only have slightly wearn off tires. So what is realistic about this .

6. The Cruise controll aint working on some trucks it takes controll of everything whatever I do does't mather . Last time it drove the way back from San Diego To Oxnard for me ??? Great NOPE because I needed to go to lone pine WHAHAHAHA....

7. The Argosy is pain in the ass driving sharp turnes on low Gear even worse with an trailer its skidding .

8. Timers and Speed
Man this is an Nightmare for an trucker 100 MPH to just make it on time and yes all trucks have 5 gears . Im a gear freak my self love the 18 gears . Or even the slit gear box 36 gears !!!

9. For what they promised....
I thaught you would have total freedom in the game but for all I know it's the same to me as in 18 wos except for the missions that is well game is great i injoy the suroundings as fast as i can have to keep my eyes on the road you know with 100 MPH HAHAHA

Well if I find more I will tell you guys O and sorry for the english if it's bad but i hope you get the picture .
When is there a patch comming ???
And why are there no cheats just a question ???
Bye Bye from Trucker NL

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