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The reason R'n'R doesn't use a mouse to drive is because, the mouse is used to fine tune your viewing inside the truck & out. For me it's much easier this way too. You can slowly move the mouse up/down, left/right to view many things, and use the mouse-wheel to slowly zoom in/out too. This works better than keystrokes when viewing.

Like I said before, in this day & age with the advancement in computers as to joysticks & wheels, I rather play a driving game with a wheel any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. Without a wheel, pedals & shifter, you're playing half a game, and lose the feel of reality. With a keyboard & mouse, your eyes aren't on the screen long enough to take in the scenery, and other things. You just can't compare the two, or even argue the point. Once you get a wheel, you'll never go back the 80's - 90's way of playing a driving again.

Now let's get back on-topic here. What you are describing is not a bug, or glitch, and that's what this thread is all about.

You have a Happy & Healthy New Year too & everyone else.

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