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What a cracker of a first post! Even though your not into games like COD, I'm sure the community owes you a big Thank you!

Pitty about the concern with VAC, I play online mostly though off-liners will be fairly happy!

Hopefully with a fix on the table the devs will be able to sneak a micro patch past the been counters for Windows 8 compatability

Cheers! (I don't own windows 8 yet but my brother does and has been frustrated with the lack of COD! Will direct him to your post!)

Originally Posted by sYk0 View Post
Hi everyone,

This is my first post on these forums so I'd like to say hi to everyone.

It's worth nothing that I don't play "IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover" (don't judge me, it's just not my type of game).

Anyway, my friend approached me with a issue at the end of last week regarding "Cliffs of Dover", that it was not playable under Windows® 8 so I said to him I'd have a look at it for him (I finally got around to it yesterday evening).

Good news, I have managed to get it working under Windows® 8.
When I say working I mean to the point where the game says "Steam must be running to play Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover.", this is a lot better than crashing silently to the Desktop (since I don't actually own the game I will not proceed beyond this point).

I'm just waiting on my friend to get home this evening (GMT+2) to test that the game does in fact run correctly, after he confirms this I'll release the tool to the masses.

Watch this space, hopefully you'll be back up in the sky in a few short hours.


MD5: C629779081C61029EBE562F4A329FCC8

MD5: 4AE9679F235DDDEA269656C3DCABEB1B (attached .zip)

For more information regarding this fix please read the enclosed readme ("CloDer_Readme.txt").


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