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Originally Posted by submarinex1 View Post
the guy who found the fix for this should be given a free game. nothing from 1c over issue someones fixed who don't even work for them.
Lol, thanks submarinex1, unfortunately I don't play this type of game, just happy that I could help out.

Originally Posted by broken pixel View Post
I'm sure it took no time for him to figure out a fix yet 1C devs would of never even tried to find a solition.
In all honesty, it didn't take too long to figure out the issue, hopefully the devs catch on and make an official update (however, from what I have read, official support has been suspended/terminated until the next game/add-on release).

Originally Posted by Skoshi Tiger View Post
Pitty about the concern with VAC, I play online mostly though off-liners will be fairly happy!

Hopefully with a fix on the table the devs will be able to sneak a micro patch past the been counters for Windows 8 compatability
Hi Skoshi Tiger, as I have stated in the readme, "CloDer.dll" should be unloaded from memory once the game starts (how Steam will see this is unknown to me, it could detect it as an exploit).
You would have to speak to one of the developers to verify that the game is in fact protected with VAC (or another online protection scheme), if it isn't you (your brother, everyone) should be safe to play online.
Until you get clarification on the above issue I would suggest you don't play online (unless someone goes Kamikaze and tries it out online).
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