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Originally Posted by Iggy View Post
Foolstone, that's my exact problem. Example:

+1 def from Warrior Helmet (on the wife)
+2 def from Horned Helmet.
+3 def from Scaly Armor
+3 def from Kerian Shoes
+2 def from Guard's Shield
+2 def from Steel Belt
+2 def from 2 Altars of Combat

Which adds up to exactly 15. No 20% bonus to defense anywhere, otherwise the final defense score would be 18. I don't think poor translation is an issue in this case.
I believe that foolstone was indicating that the bonus is applied to your BASE defense, as unmodified by items. In your case, that seems like a whopping 2 defense.

Admittedly, I don't know if that's true or not (base vs. modified), but if I'm reading foolston right, that is a crappy bonus unless you take a TON of defense on level-up.

Alternatively, you're mis-remembering the altar bonuses and the game rounds down (20% of 13).
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