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Originally Posted by Evgeny View Post
If you have any problems you should write to our support team (support at and they gonna help you. But I hope you won't face any problems with the game.
OK, so I got the game and installed it. I got a problem with it: the textures are corrupted (they look like a checkerboard). I did a search, and found out that someone else got the same problem (i.e., corrupted textures) when he installed the latest nVidia driver of 5 December 2007 (before the installation of this driver, the game was al'right). I had the same driver to begin with, and I also had the corrupted textures upon installation of the game.

I already made a posting at another forum, where I demonstrated someone's screenshot with proper textures. After that, I showed my screenshot of the same scene with the corrupted textures.

I wonder if I should install the older driver (how old ?), or the support staff can offer a solution.

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