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Painkiller is fun but can't hold a candle next to NecroVision. NecroVision is so much better at everything - the music, as you said, the gameplay, the story, the level design, the combat system and the list goes on. NecroVision is the definition of the word AWESOME! The first time I get to the mech I was just as happy as that time when I played Blood Rayne and I got into the mech in that game. It felt so cool, I was happy as a fat boy eating chocolate or ice cream. But the biggest surprise was the dragon riding. That blow my head, the first time I saw this I just couldn't belive they put this in FPS game. It was by far the most fun part of the game. Beside the funny dialogues between the shadowhand spirit and Simon. Bottom line: NecroVision >>> Painkiller. Nuff said.

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