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Necrovision lost company is gonna be even better cause these guys Obviously KNOW how to make a fun & creative game.
Not Many games these days have a nice long entertaining SP.
I really hope the prequel get's more positive exposure & that the MP gets more attention cause as you said >> many ppl these days get a game for MP<<

These days i usually wait a few months 3-6 before grabing a game so i can see if there's plenty of servers/players & a price drop.

Another thing i have noticed is that games i pick usually are not as popular & or MP dies out quickly.

Lastly, you can't compare nVn to too many other games since it is in it's own league.
Prey, Painkiller, Stalker, Serious Sam 2 are a few that come to mind in the same league.
I want lost company REAL Badly & can't wait for it to come out.

Looks like 2010 should be a VERY good yr for this league of gaming.

P.S. Singularity looks to be in the same league as nVn.

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