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1C.. What the heck is up with your extremely difficult registration process!?

For crying out loud, I thought I was just having a bad day when I finally managed to register, but I have a over a dozen e-mails from people that just flat gave up because of the BS in the last 2 days.

Putting blocking spammers at all costs doesn't.
All it does is keep people that really want to be here from being able too.

If the Producer of this new cool looking potential Evo2 replacement game easy to talk about here, no Problem.

Talk About The Game Here
on KC's Evo2 site.

Easy to join and we are the major group dying for a new more advanced replacement for our high end PC gaming machines.

1C:Avalon, are you paying attention?
We are not out to steal any glory for 1C Corp, we just want to talk with the development team and let you know what our community would like to see is all.

This forum making it so frustrating to even register does not help that.

Come and talk to us.
We listen, we have idea's, we help, and if done right we buy.

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