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Default Is it too late to respond?

I don't know if it is too late to reply to the thread, but I'll do it anyway.
I would probably have to agree with KCvale.

-It would be nice to see a lot various mods, as said before, like in 4x4 Evo 2.

-It would also be great if each vehicle had its own engine sound and a realistic one too, unlike UAZ 4x4, which was an okay game, apart from the fact that the engine noise was the same on all vehicles, and it was really annoying haha.

-Motorm4x was an amazing game so, the physics and the camera motion in the game were great, unlike 4x4 Hummer which had terrible gameplay.

-Would be nice to see a bigger map though.

-More cars as well as part varieties, such as a Snorkel, and a winch, which you have already add to the game, and that's nice.

-Some more vegetation in various areas would be nice. And the damage should stay the way it is.

-It would also be great if the video settings allowed for really high graphics for high end computers and low settings for older, lower end computers.

-More locations would be nice, like in the Jungle, Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, Egypt, those sort of places.

-There's definetly got to be free roam and cheats (you have to admit, everyone needs a little help sometimes haha)

-Overall it would be nice to see an improved and mixed version of Motorm4x, 4x4 Evo 2, and basically real life off-roading.
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