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Originally Posted by BadAim View Post
Why is a March release so unrealistic these days? It's not like they have to burn millions of disks. Probably 100,000 would be fine for the initial release, as they are likely to push electronic distribution anyway. How long will it take a modern facility to burn 100,000 disks?

This is only speculation on my part, but I just don't see why it has to take so long to get the finished game out (assuming it can actually be finished in the allotted time). It's not like there is going to be any extended PR campaign, there never has been for Oleg's work. We're going to be the PR guys for this game just like we were for IL2, a role I'm just fine with. I get a large part of my business by WOM, it's a time honored principal.
They don't "burn" disks, they press them.
Anyway, the media isn't what is in question, it's the program, if it hasn't reached RC yet, odds are that there a quite a bit of bug squashing left and that takes time.
Do we even know if the game is in alpha or beta stage?
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