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Blue lines are a driver problem.. fill out the ATI reports. Thats why the 6XXX series is the only ATI card effected.. On that same note, the lines are visible on the horizon only from a small segment of altitude around 1Km.. and you consider it a game breaker??? Really?

Stutters are a serious issue on the other hand. With the Beta I had them Online only. With this new patch I don't seem to have them but in the limited online experience I had last night I had some different experiences. on The REPKA server I flew an hour and it was perfect.. loved it.. 12 hours later I logged into REPKA and spawned a Spitfie MkI and the field was under attack, lots of flak etc. FPS was a slideshow up to 60... single digits then up to 60. So I exited my plane and spawned a new one..and it was dramatically better.. by the time I got the engine started it was a steady 60 fps and flew fine..
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