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Whether arcade, realistic, or simulation mode, I wish the following to mimic real wwii air war:

1. When you are killed, you get deducted the same points you gained when killing another.
2. Ammunition and fuel are always limited according to the maximum payload of the plane. The only way to replenish is to land in a nearby friendly base.
3. When you are shot down, re-spawn should happen in the nearby friendly airbase and take off from there.
4. If you attempt to capture a hostile airbase, you can get shot down by AAs. To capture a hostile airbase you must reduce the AAs and parked fighters by say 80%.
5. There should be no free for all dogfight. Team planes should be grouped as either allied or axis, i.e. German planes cannot team up with British planes.
6. Planes should have rated performance according to maneuverability, durability, maximum speed, and firepower. An I-153 might have a rating of 10 for manueverability but 1 for durability and speed. A spit can have a rating of 5 for manueverability but 10 for speed and firepower, and an 8 for durability. In this way, we can realistically mimic the characteristics of the real planes.
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