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There was a time that software coding could really impact performance.. Back in the assembly coding days.. I know I wrote a lot of assemble for a lot of different systems.. Once the higher level languages came out, the performance was very 'compiler' depended, and in a few cases a good assembly programer could write code that had better performance than what the 'compiler' provided.. But these days you would be hard pressed to write assemble code better than a 'compiler' could do it.. And with all the APIs and SDKs at your disposal makes it even harder to write 'bad' code unless the API and/or SDK itself contains 'bad' code. Thus the real issues these days is in how close to the edge of the envelope you want to code at.. As with the Microsoft DX11 API, One of the reasons CoD is defaulted to DX10 feature levels is because there were 'issues' with the DX11 feature levels in the DX11 API at CoD release time.. That is to say 1C was making use of DX11 feature levels in the DX11 API that were not that debugged yet (a Microsoft issue) thus 1C had to wait for Microsoft to fix those issues in the DX11 API before they could make use of those DX 11 feature levels, since that did not happen before CoD release, 1C limited the feature levels to DX10
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