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Default positioning a breastwork/sandbags in mow:as singleplayer


I know this is a nooby question, but can someone plz explain to me how I can position sandbags in mow:as singleplayer, I mean, I know how to locate and build the sandbags, but I am having major problems on how to position them to, as the breastwork/sandbags always appear in the same position, like when I am facing the enemy and I have built the sandbags, well it always seems to be pointing the other way, and I am having trouble rotating it, ugghrr, what keys do I press to position it, like can I rotate it somehow, there must be a way, as its driving me bonkers lol.


just to let everyone know, I found out how to do it now, apperantly its the RMB (right click mouse button) that can rotate the sandbags to the desired position.
Works like a charm.
scroll down to the 2nd post by kane1 >

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