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Default How to deal with the game as Impossible Mage?

I did the first run as Impossible Warrior, 14 days, 86 quests, 1730 pts. I didnt use any pre-planning, or scan for specific items. I did a quick jaunt to sheterra to get a few dragons so i can effortlessly get the medals in early fights. My main strategy was archmages and paladins for the Target on paladins, plus shield from archies.

As you can see i dont know or utilize anything high-brow, as warrior didnt need it as much IMO.

Totally different story with a mage.

There's an overwhelming difference in leadership between impossible stacks and a mage.
I managed to clear debir, scarlet and bolo with 1 black and 1 red (for the ignite medal), and now im at Verona as lvl 17 with 20 int.
At first i figured using boom boom spells was the natural go-to option for mage, but that hardly puts a dent in the enemy.
I find myself using Poison 3 exclusively, as it helps get the alchemy medal and has good synergy with dragon burns.

But where to now? Every Verona enemy has an invincible rating and its difficult to tackle multiple 16000 leadership stacks with my 2 reds and 1 black.
Also, its difficult to make up my mind as to which mind talents to prioritize. Chaos and distortion both seem to be a must, but it get expensive.

I read about the accomplishments of some of the nutcases that inhabit this forum, but they seem to be doable with warriors exclusively.

To say it plain: please feed me some cheese. The good kind.


Orc shamans and goblins are cheap c*nts. Seriously.
I imagine warrior with the adrenaline talents and full orc army (plus maybe paladins) can stomp through the whole game butt-naked

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