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I just beat it on Impossible with a Mage and no loss.
The strategy I used was early game up summoning and whatever summoning spells levels you have ASAP. A level 3 phoenix for example will be amazing until mid-late game. You also want your strategy award for leadership as soon as possible. So make sure every battle you have zero losses. This will leave you TONS of gold too, so that you can buy all the artifacts, and then later you can get the mind tree skill that lets you make magic crystals. I would recommend maxing alchemy as soon as possible too because as a mage more magic crystals are always wanted so you can keep learning spells.
You're going to have to redo alot of battles and figure out how to get no loss battles. The game will have spikes of being way too easy and freakin hard depending where your skills are and what creatures are left on the map.
after summons can't really keep up, I reduced all of my troops down to just one stack of royal gryphons and beat most the rest of the game with them. Just have them have stone skin and divine armor on and put them in the middle of a bunch of monsters and let their infinite retaliation take care of everything. Resurrect as needed or use magic spring or mana accelerator to get mana back and make sure the buffs don't fall off even for a single round. Get your intelligence to over 40. Use the mage companion in Verona, he requires 20 intelligence to take on and will at some point try to leave you and you'll have to battle him be ready.
Be on the lookout for item sets. And on impossible especially, lightning ball is an amazing skill for your dragon to have. All the armies are so high in number it will do copious amounts of damage since it kills a % of the troop. (had it do like 32,000 damage once I believe).
Level up mana accelerator. But never if it improves action points only mana conversion.
And lastly, inquisitors are great. You can phantom them for infinite rage, and then use mana accelerator to get infinite mana, in which you can use the resurrection spell to revive all troops who are not level 5, and the inquisitors resurrection spell can raise level 5 troops so the phantoms are great for that. Get a rage eater too if it's available.
Other strategies is using phantom and repair droids and divine armor and stoneskin but they have a lot of vulnerability to magic damage.
Dig up max chests every battle. You will get spells that you might not get all game otherwise. This is how I finally got resurrection for example.
If your game doesn't include phantom it will be alot harder.
Also the mage tower has spells you can get for free. And if you need to buy spells, remember to sell your excess scrolls at the same place, I just use the starting castle, always so you can go back and buy them if you end up needing a spell later. Be choosey with your spells especially early on. After I got call of nature, I used the heck out of that until I got phoenix. And then I used the heck out of that till I got chaos dragon. Then I used both of those for a while. Then summoned units just couldn't hold up to the huge armies so I started using one unit armies and the divine armor + stoneskin trick.
I would also use Armageddon and turn back time with this strategy. And later on I got black hole and would spam it as much as I could afford. You can use oil mist + rain of fire to do ok damage but really, most of my nuke damage "boom" spells other than listed here was just fire bolt since eventually you get to cast 2 spells a round, in order to apply a burn. Most of the rest of my time was using distortion or order spells, or one of the chaos summon spells. Chaos dragon is the strongest single unit in the game. And does nice astral damage. My most used spells were stoneskin, magic spring, divine armor, resurrection, chaos dragon, summon phoenix, phantom, turn back time, Armageddon and black hole. Oh and hell breath. Your results may vary.
You will have to look around for the weakest encounters CONSTANTLY. And always pick the weakest ones.
Starting out is hard but I just used snakes and ranged plants that I'd pick up from nests. And if you can find some paladins they are a godsend for lossless battles. They and ranged units. I usually had paladins + a ton of ranged units and let the paladins take the hits with stoneskin on to soak for anything that made it past my summons. You can also phantom paladins for huge AoE resurrection.

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