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Both DCG versions are only made for SP gaming, what I meant is that MoW:AS is more geared for MP than for SP, and thus, it broke the artillery spotting system for SP gaming with DCG.

Points shouldnt be less in MoW DCG than in AS: DCG, unless Ty2903 (who is responsible for the AS version of DCG) changed something which deals with this kind of stuff.

Minimap should reflect the actual gameplay map, however, if you save your game during a battle, ie. not to end it, but just to save - you will end up with the same minimap for the rest of the game play, meaning that you will see the same minimap in all forthcoming maps until you actually quit both MoW and DCG and restarts them both (and this is one of the reasons to why we changed some of the menu options to be like "...." instead of "load", "save" etc). I don´t know why the minimap bug occurs, but it is simply avoidable by not "cheating" and saving the game until you´ve actually finished the battle and decided to quit for the day...

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