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The current version of Triggers in HSFX can break the ntrk function since it uses the .mis file instead of the .properties file for the message.

Using any of the <ARMY> tags as part of the message will cause the ntrk function to fail.
<ARMY NONE>This message is intended to everybody: you are flying in the </ARMY><ARMY BLUE>Blue</ARMY><ARMY RED>Red</ARMY><ARMY NONE>. So, cheers for the </ARMY><ARMY BLUE>Luftwaffe</ARMY><ARMY BLUE>Royal Air Force</ARMY><ARMY NONE> and good flight to all. </ARMY>
The <ARMY> tags also cause problems when running a dedicated/dogfight server. The dedicated/dogfight server will run the mission but Players can't join. The Player gets stuck at the Transferring mission screen and the mission never finishes loading. When the mission with the <ARMY> tags in the mission file finishes and the next mission in the server rotation that does not have any <ARMY> tags in the mission file is started the Player can join the server. If you remove the <ARMY> tags from the description in the mission file that won't load Players can then join the mission and they will see the message when it is triggered.

Using these will also cause the ntrk function to fail.
  • %GRID% : displays the coordinates of the activated Trigger ;
  • %ALTM% : displays the altitude (in meters) of the object that activated the Trigger ;
  • %ALTF% : displays the altitude (in feet) of the object that activated the Trigger ;
(I never tested these using a Dogfight server but I suspect the same problems will exist.)

These are problems that needs to be addressed if people want to watch replays of their sorties.

Imo, You also need to be able to have more than one line of text shown.


here is a link to v1.2 of the Trigger manual which does address some of your requests already, including the Army function.

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