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Originally Posted by Tolwyn View Post
It likely breaks the packet recorder because certain variables aren't yet defined. So the game doesn't know what to do when that packet shows up on playback.

I'd imagine that if DT incorporated triggers, they'd work around that.

It's also likely a mission encoding issue that over the network, it's not expecting <army> syntaxes. So, yes, I agree that some work needs to be done.

I do NOT want NTRK functionality to break!
They are aware of the problem and I agree I don't want the ntrk function to be any more broken.

Originally Posted by Tolwyn View Post
On an aside, where can I download JUST the 1.2 trigger mod for HSFX?
It may exist but I am personally unaware of a stand alone version of the v1.2 Trigger mod. It was incorporated into HSFX v7.03.
HSFX 7.0 to 7.03 patch:

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