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Wait, you mean the Blood Priestess sacrifice works on summoned units? So far, Sacrifice never worked on summoned/raised units, only hypnotised ones. That has to be a bug, they probably never tested it.

I can answer a lot of your questions with "This game was built on the codes of AP". Thus, it totally neglects any fixes and new changes that CW did. Same issue was with WotN, too.

Regarding the new units (I'll post the rest someday, I have the screenshots, just need time to make the data-files) I find it ridiculous how the developers thought every cavalry unit has to be an archer... Mounted archers were pretty rare in history, even if they were useful (my ancestors the huns and hungarians used them to great effect) - all three new cavalries, the orc wolf rider, goblin hyena rider and the amazon have ranged attacks, and two of them have totally overpowered skills like running away after being attacked (to avoid blocking) or "support" fire - meaning they will attack multiple times in one round, shooting a marked enemy when your other units attack it. Another unbalanced idea that they never tested.

And frankly, can we just call them Evlins? It's a stupid name, yes, but still better than the zygayzagesomething. I can actually pronounce it, for example.

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