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Hello, I'm Yakov Uvarov, SNK's team lead.

- I really like the idea of spawning the dominator out of the annihilated asteroid. I'll ask coders to consider this option
- No, we won't repaint the interface, sorry
- AWA will have some unique quests related to story's fork, so I think it'll pass as "uniqueness"
- RTS part of the game will be slightly improved: it now supports pretty much everything that it did not have back in '04: AA and AF options, manual distance of view tweaking and such. At the moment we're trying to make user-friendly mechanism of controls remapping.
- Fellow rangers are in fact just like you. They can do pretty much everything except accepting text quest or saving the galaxy and finishing the game I see no reason why we should take away some of their freedoms
- We'll add some new equipment and brand-new ship hulls as well

I'd like to specifically say a few words about touch-controls and possible tablets support. Classic controls and Windows x86 version are our priority. There are though some offers coming our way about porting the game to mobile platforms, but don't get too excited, 'cause there's nothing concrete yet about it.
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