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Galaxy development:

1) Decouple dominator and coalition development a little. It should be possible for one to overwhelm the other. Use donations by the player as a means by which they can strengthen the coalition.

2) Reduce reliance of coalition status on player wealth. Just because I have paid for the latest equipment doesn't mean every other new ship generated should have similar level tech. Again, player can donate if they want to share the wealth/strengthen coalition in the war.

3) It seems to be basically impossible for the coalition to lose. The dominators stop attacking when there's 3 or less systems remaining (once Keller is eliminated) While that's player friendly, it does make things feel a little empty since winning becomes just a matter of time.

User interface:
4) Having to unload the ship when you want to free up space for a trading run is tedious. Add an "unload cargo" shortcut (similar to the "load all" shortcut)

Custom ships/equipment
5) The ability to order equipment/ships at the appropriate bases/planets. The player pays a hefty premium upfront and has to wait some time for the equipment to be built (so incentive to protect the base from dom attacks). Equipment available and amount of the premium tied to current galaxy tech level.

Wingmen: these could be great, but at the moment they're not.
6) If the stop on dominators attacking when coalition is very small is removed, they would become almost essential to survival. This would greatly add to the challenge/fun IMO but...
7) On higher difficulties, wingmen's ships are too weak. Give the player the ability to pay for upgrades for their wingmen, especially the hulls (replacements would be even better). Also, make it easier to exchange equipment when you're giving them something better. (Dropping in space, waiting for them to pick up, then getting them to drop the extra is very annoying!)
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