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The IL-2M is a heavy plane, but when used right it's deadly in a dogfight. Don't try to get into a turning fight with a Spitfire, as you probably won't win. Instead hover above the dogfight, and wait until you see a straggling plane. Then come down on it hard. The best merit of the IL-2M is it's phenomenal machine guns. Line up your shot right and you should have no problem lighting up enemy planes. When being pursued, it's best not to try and out turn enemies. Use your rear gunner, but don't come to depend on it as smart pilots will come up under you and put holes in your belly. When being targeted by multiple planes, using the rear gunner is essential to knock some of them off, or at least scare them a bit. The IL-2M can also dish as much damage as it deals, so you don't have to be overly cautious when your in a scrap.

He 162A-2
This plane is arguably the best of the jets, mainly because it has the best turning radius (although the bar is already set pretty low). Still, this plane is in no shape to be turning with any propellor powered fighter. It's best use is in Strike, you can catch up to bombers easily with it's superior speed, than take them down fast with your cannons. Although they aren't the most devastating weapon, they'll bring down a bomber fast if your a good shot. Make sure you line it up perfect though, as your probably only going to get one chance. It will be hard to take another pass at the bomber with the terrible turning radius. If you end up with another fighter behind you, the best option is to run away, get to full throttle and they'll never catch you unless they're in another jet. But try to outmaneuver them and your going to get burned up instantly. The only way to take down other prop fighters if you're already on their six.

Couple of really long ones there so feel free to edit and trim as you see fit.
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