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Thanks Seraph. I know I've had a lot of fun with the P-47, same with a few people I fly with. We were getting a little bored with B-17s, and none of us tend to like Russian planes, so the Jug has been a joy to fly in Strike. It works nicely in CTA if you can bomb without the sight. If you can get a 1000 pounder or two anywhere near a plane on the ground, it pops. Rockets are about as inaccurate as always, but dammit they look cool =P lol

Oh, tried it out some as a bomber buster in a few strike matches. It works nicely ^^ I was making a He-111's night hell, lol. I don't think it made it more than halfway to the targets before the fifty-cals shredded it or I pegged it with a rocket. B-17s can give it a little trouble though, since your armor is weakest in front. You just need to come in at an angle and not get caught right behind the tail gunner. Works nice for picking off fighters that are too focused on killing a bomber too. Basically, anything that isn't turning too much. lol

Our best boom and zoom pilot uses it in team battle every now and then, but he still loves German planes the most, so he usually sticks to the Fw-190 D, Ta-152, or Bf-109-K4.

I've heard a few people talk about it needing to be fixed up some. What are the common complaints? Because it seems to be about what I expected (big, tough, not very graceful and with a lot of things that go boom). I think it could be a little tougher, since sometimes it seems to die easier than it should. Turning seems about right though. It turns about as well as a 190, maybe just a hair worse because of the extra mass.

Speaking of the update, I cant wait for it. I want to be able to use the mustang and not have to fight it the whole time.
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