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DCS is a very polished sim suite. Far superior in quality and complexity to that of CloD. They ran a 6 month open beta (to pre-order customers) that had 6 or 7 version prior to the official release of A10c. This is what CloD should have done. This meant they released a pretty polished sim, it still had significant bugs, but it made CloD look like a bad joke.

Take a look at their patch logs and detail contained in the flight manual, this to me sums up the difference between IL2 & DCS..

I love what CloD is trying to do.. it is completely different to DCS, being a WWII prop sim. When CloD gets to a standard of DCS & RoF i'll be one very happy flight simmer.. right now the only thing good about CloD over these two is its new.

I hope it flourishes, i'll remain patient . but it is miles away from the quality of the DCS series.

EDIT: PS that is a really crap video to show off DCS A-10c!

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