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Originally Posted by Mysticpuma View Post
That looks and SOUNDS amazing! A lot of lessons could be learned here. Thanks for the link, currently considering my finances as this looks worth adding to my collection.

Cheers, MP
You won't regret it.

Sure, DCS may seem a very overwhelming complex simulation on first glance, but the interactive trainings are far superior to anything you've ever seen on the public software market. Learning by doing: Step by step you're introduced to the aircraft, weapons and systems. Buttons and dials are highlighted to assist orientation.

Mastering all systems and striking precisely from high altitude is as adictive as buzzing over bushes and trees, evading AAA and SAMs, to cover some targets with 30mm-warthog-spit.

The datalink is a great feature for teamplay and there are already many missions running on servers that need coordinated attacks from players to successfully achieve a mission. Pure immersion.

Sound supports up to 7.1-Soundsystems, now. Awesome sound and brutal roaring when you squeeze that guntrigger...

IIRC you can already order the DVD-Version in the UK.

Check out Wag's Channel on Youtube for some thrilling and informative videos:

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