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Originally Posted by Ribbs67 View Post
Absolutely great job on the patch guys. It's awesome to see all of your hard work starting to pay off! The servers are filling up with pilots,excited to finaly be able to enjoy the game! The Hurricane is actually a threat once again and the damage model now working on the cooling system has now. Evened the odds. (Although the engine failure effect from overheating is a little to quick tbh) Its a shame that this is the final patch for Clod All of your hard work is showing ... and your on the verge of being able to add to the " fun" content of the game. Working Ai commands and Fmb bugs would help the community the most now, allowing them to create the scenereos that we as a community have been waiting for for so long. One little thing that would be nice... and fairly easy to implement possibly for the final patch would be.. when accsessing the stats page.. that our name be highlighted (or just a diffrent color) from the rest of the players. I have a heck of a time trying to follow my name all the way across to see my stats.... not sure if there is a remedy for this or not already. Great job Devs! Had a great time flying today... Beware of the Hurri.. its got some bite back! S!
On stats, can you please enable the 'next page' function. With upwards of 50 players (nearly 100 on ATAG last night) it is not possible to see all the list even though I have stretched mine from top to bottom of screen.
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