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Sea Hurricane would be cool. Working catapults from modified merchants would be cooler

I don't know about the other players here, but I've always had a funny feeling about our He-111 cockpit. Despite the green-house canopy, visibility isn't great, and it's surprisingly hard to land.

I've compared our cockpit to that Clod and photos, and I think there are some real differences. The pilot's viewpoint seems to be too high (so that the instrument panel obscures a lot), and the control yoke seems to be too large.

What are your ideas? I'm not asking for a complete rebuild, but maybe editing camera position and scaling of objects?

I don't own CLOD, so I took some screen-captures from Youtube:

Compared to Il-2:

Again, I'm not worried about "quality". I can live with the old model and textures...However, it certainly seems that forward visibility in this bird is severely hampered.

Just something for your consideration.

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