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Thumbs up TY TD for 4.11!

My requests:

New pit textures for P47, Bf109. Bf109 view should be reduced by the presence of the dessicant patch (low right corner of the windshield) and by adding the missing metal cover on top of the panzer galland hood (late BFs).

New gunsight position (higher) for P47 earlies and P51B/C

New cowling for Fw190A: at the moment the antons just don't look right: the frontal part of the cowling is way too wide open, and doesn't not look like a Fw190A at all.

Better aux fuel tank for LW would be nice too...

New wings for P40

removing filet on early P51D

Better detailed and colored gunsights would add immersion without costing too much in performance?

New real fov for larger screen

New hit effect for canon shells: there should be no more 3 sec lasting orange yellow fireball but a flash effect when a shell hits. Also 50 cals should produce thin smoke puffs when they hit a target.
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