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MadMan's Mess v0.3 out! First post updated.

I didn't touch the dual HMG for now,I'm still thinking about it...
As for the spawn factor, it's 2 for now as a proof of concept, but I'll make it adjustable (1,2,3,4,5,10,100 settings?)

The triplehead fix hasn't been tested for now. Can someone with 3 screens tell me if it work??

v0.3 known bugs:
-weapons sometimes "flickering" when you get close to an obstacle <-fixed in v4
-during some charge animation, we can see that part of the player arm is missing.
-some cloned ennemies (see spawnpoint tweak) that have special scripts (probably cutscene-related) have a dumb behavior.
-I couldn't get rid of the outragious weapon bob. <-fixed in v4 or improved at least
-total ammo can still be seen when zooming (but is that a bug or a feature?)

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