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Originally Posted by Sternjaeger View Post
no, I don't need that, I believe in the right of expressing my opinion, the opinion of an adult who is tired of coming to see if there's any interesting news on this forum and all he can find is an endless posting of "I am cancelling my order" or "the sounds are from PacMan" or "the graphics and fps are like an Atari", based on some dodgy videos leaked from what is evidently a beta and ppl WANT to believe it's the real game and OH how desperate they are now!

I'd suggest you use some of the money you saved for the game and new PCs to consult a psychiatrist.. It's unbelievable!!
As should you as well. And everyone else in this forum. But with such a highly anticipated release, are you surprised? It's human nature to pick things apart and analyze them. Only problem is that alot of them mix up facts and fictional assumptions. I think this game still has alot of potential for success, but the initial release could of definitely gone better.
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