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Originally Posted by msp View Post
I have a lvl. 8 paladin and some question. It's the first time I play this game. So:

I. My army is made of Priests, Bowmen, Bears, Swordsmen and Royal Snakes (but I could only find one place to buy them and it only had 60 snakes!). What should I change?

II. Money. I have around 120k, but al my army costs around 30k, so I don't think it's much. How can I find more money?
1) Personal preference, I'd drop the bears and try to replace the swordsmen with guardsmen. If you've found any, some horsemen and/or knights would be good (you usually find a small number on the first continent). If you've made it to the Western and Eastern Islands, try to get some dwarven canoneers to replace the bowmen.

As Vulture stated, there are a lot of options for troops, and everyone has their favorites. Generally, the higher level troops are better than lower level for survivability and special abilities. Lower level troops - if you can keep them alive - generally deal out more damage due to the sheer number of them you can recruit.

While it's true that many troop placements are random, some are predictable. For instance, there are a couple castles in the Marshan Swamp that almost always have royal snakes after you complete some quests. You'll likely also find some beholders, which are pretty good mid-game ranged units.

2) Gold will not be a problem. Once you start travelling to other continents, you'll find the gold rewards (and the strength of enemy stacks) go up noticeably. I loaded an old save and at 28th level I had over 5 million gold (normal difficulty).
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