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Originally Posted by dreadnaught_ View Post
No offense ... I am as infuriated with the situation as you are ... but why did you do that?

I mean, what if they do actually come out with a patch that makes the game better (I mean playable)?

I know you were just making a statement or whatever -- just seems really unnecessary.
dude $49.00 aint gonna kill me lol! The gratification to finally stop waiting, and bitching is worth it!. back to pc with IL2. Even if the patch DOES come out, I would not even bother, too much is missing from the game I am used too playing, so i wont play it anymore. You cant even do a mission with a Take off for petes sake!

anyways, kind of a waste dont you think? you could at least have send it to 505 games with some kind of not-so-cute message
who says i still cant? why would i send them a undamaged game? lol

Fly free my brothers.. Caphead signing off..

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