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Leadership is always an issue. I played as Warrior and Mage, but have no idea what level or leadership I had at that point.

Often I would go to an area and some stacks were strong and others were not. Some I could avoid and come back for later.

Do you have the cage at that point? If you did, do you have Sleem and the Lava one active? If you do then those stack are not as hard as the game tells you.

If you have any wide area spells like Geyser and decent rage with 2 cage monsters, you should be fine. If not try to find other things to do, till you get stronger.

The Reaper is the hardest one to activate and is the best one IMO, but the first two are easy to get working.

I would be leery of players posting what they did as cheating is very easy. You could give yours self as much leadership as you want.
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