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Originally Posted by Ezrael View Post
Right, so this is my first time playing King's Bounty and it seems I'm getting stuck in the Taron Mines. Most enemies are really tough and especially the Dragons are giving me a headache.

I'm a paladin playing on normal mode and I was wondering if my leadership is a problem. Currently I'm level 16 and have 5559 leadership. I've picked up every flag I could find up until this point. However, I've red posts from people claiming they have almost double my amount of leadership/mages saying they're up to 7k at my level.

So that got me wondering: have I done something wrong/missed something? Is there a way to salvage my situation? Currently my army is:

27 Shamans
55 Inquisitors.
21 Alchemists
25 Canoneers
91 Royal Snakes

77 mana, 62 rage

Lv16 and 5560 leadership sounds pretty horrid. I'm lv 22 (Paladin) and i have something like 17k or so (enough to have 1.5k skellie archers) with lv3 bowman commander. I'm guessing that during level up you selected everything but leadership gain.

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