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Originally Posted by BleDrajor View Post
Also the video trailers often showed trucks that were using NOS (flames on the exhaust pipes), hitting traffic cars and making chaos...

When I saw the game for the first time some years ago I thought that it was a simulation. And when R&R came out I really had to think about buying it or not because I was confused about the time limits and racings that was a hard contrast to the SCS games.

In the end I decided to buy the game and played and play it on the easiest difficulty.
I must say: I have no problems. The time limits are good so that I often can drive with the traffic flow. When I have some opponents they're easy enough to beat, I often drive at a maximum of 75 m/h, that's enough. And I'm always driving with following all rules.

I can use the game as a simulation now with driving the cargos without racing contest while my hired drivers (3 at the moment) do the hard work and earn loads of money, but are well paid, too.

It really makes fun this way, even for someone who was familiarized with the 18 WoS series for a long time!
Yea I was a little disappointed when I first bought it because it was more racing but after a while it does get kinda fun racing against people sometimes until the idiots rearend you or cut you off. The non comp loads are great when you get a lot of drivers though (I've got all 50) but I'm more of the go big or go home type of guy and I have to have the big bucks. I typically run 77 (what my pete tops out at now) and TRY not to get in wrecks because I have a pretty nice looking truck. but it's a lot different than 18wos...but it's still fun. mine's crashing at the moment though so it's a little annoying.
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