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i never had any problems with the time. i play on novice, and i can drive 50 + mph, and i make it on time with 50 mins left over.

also, in real lifetruckers to have limeits to how ong the carry the load, say 2 days 3 days, a few hours depends on the distance.

also remeber i minute in real life if 24 minutes in rign roll, so i always have plenty of time.

( i get leik 80 + mins to get from oxnard to redding)

hey uh, aslo this is off topic but, can you change the MPH system to KM/H? i m european.

also, when doing the racing stick to gether. the other dudes drive like 60 mph on cruise control you go 65, so youl end up in a convoy
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