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Shouldn't that be possible if enough of the wing is left and the engine is providing enough torque?

(not like in the video - HALF of the right wing is gone, and the engine cannot provide the torque, especially in level flight. You may want to bring up the case of the Israeli F-15, but recall that it goes very fast, the whole fuselage acts like a wing, and roll control is provided by the tail, not by ailerons. In this case, the pilot had full control, and only lost a small part of the effective lift surface. In the Hurricane, as shown here, the imbalance is much greater, the effect of torque is negligible, and roll control is halved. Airplanes can fly with wing surfaces missing, but the circumstances are outstanding.)

Either bug (unlikely) or very easy settings. Nothing to worry
I'm not worrying, just pointing out, that it's not necessary to worry about how the plane sits on the ground, when it still doesn't fly perfectly through the air If it's a bug it will be sorted.

I'm sure this has come to the attention of the team. Let's wait and see.


This video looks more like the game is running on 'indestructible' mode- similar to what happens when you dial down the difficulty levels in IL2.
You're probably right - notice the arrows, icons, and unrealistic gunnery (no bullet drop).

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