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Thumbs up Where to buy BOB Cliffs of Dover?

Ubisoft is International distributor, and 1C will only distribute Russia.

That doesn't mean you have to buy direct from UbiSoft. There are many places you can buy BOB COD other than UbiSoft direct.

This thread is a pointer to sites where you can acquire BOB Cliffs of Dover, especially in your part of the world.

Put up your recommended links to reputable places to buy the COD.

Don't fail to put up your links just because someone has posted a link to a vendor in your area.
You may know of other vendors, don't be reluctant to post links. Remember members may have to look in many places before they can get a copy.
Some vendors may not have adequate stocks to meet demand.

The thread will be sticky until, and after the release of COD to allow everyone to get their copy fast and furious.

When you post your links, if you have some comments make them in the posting as well.


Gogamer has been very supportive of our community for several years. They also have a discount price for BOB COD.

Amazon shipping and performance is great. I've bought all kinds of things from them and never had problems, that weren't corrected by Amazon ASAP.

I don't like to pre-order, but for you that don't mind both of the above vendors should do what they say.

Review type comments are OK, whether you had good or bad service.

If you don't agree with someone else ONLY provide constructive review information.

Don't defame or ridicule other posters...

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