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Originally Posted by bigbossmalone
Originally Posted by B16Enk
We here will buy regardless of the publisher, it's how 1C get it to people who don't know of their fine pedigree that is the question.
Maybe we should all do our bit in our own areas to spread the word. Tell your friends, their friends, the next door neighbours kids, whoever. Imagine how impressed 1C will be if they think that each of us here might well make more sales for them, as well!

It does seem like this game could have a larger fanbase if they would advertise/ distribute better. I noticed at the local CompUSA last week they didn't have 1946, but they still had 2 copies of Pacific Fighters on the shelf. I don't think I've ever seen 1946 there. Maybe they sold the copies they had, who knows. But, they had a computer set up running demos of FSX and several addons for it, all in their own special corner of the PC games section. Things like that get attention. Of course 1C doesn't have the big advertising budget like MS.

What about advertising at airshows? Wouldn't having a computer running demos of the game or even one people could try it on be good advertising? You'd certainly be reaching the target audience at such events. Or maybe they do this already, has anyone noticed?

I've tried to get my friends and coworkers hooked on flight simming, but they are all into the FPS or RTS games. They all say flight sims are boring, too much of the same thing (and FPS games offer alot of variety?). The LAN parties at the university here all focus on FPS games.
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