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Default Re: OK.. so moving right along......

Originally Posted by na85
Originally Posted by Bearcat
Now that we have enough of the useless "I cant think of anything else to say so I'll just rehash one of the old clices... ie... 50s, elevator etc etc etc... "posts....

I am wondering if this forum means that 1C is planning to publish it's own stuff in the future w/o UBI.... and does anyone think that would be a good thing... or not?
Personally, I think that games published by Ubi (and I've purchased quite a few from different genres) tend to lack a certain 'polish' that other titles have. Little things like spelling errors, etc.

I also hate the way ubi games are forced to interface with

Why not just have an ingame lobby like or novaworld or gamespy?

Ultimately, I hope Ubi and 1C continue to put out stuff that is the same quality as IL2. However from a business standpoint it couldn't hurt for 1C to 'shop around,' as it were.
Thats the thing though.... the quality of IL2 has nothing to do with UBI... and everything to do with 1C... so I am wondering if whatever restrictions were placed on 1C if there were any, by UBI will be no longer a factor.. which I imagine would be the case if and thyats a big if because I have no clue... this means that 1C is in fact breaking away...
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