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Originally Posted by StreetGang View Post
So I've finally managed to be happy with my settings, 1920x1080, everything on High, shadows off, grass off, land texture at High (not original), AA 2X. During 'the black death' I get roughly an average of 50-55 fps with SLI, which is pretty damn good, though I miss the depth that shadows lends to a scene.

The thing is though, the land passing by is still stuttering with constant micro stutters. I had assumed a high framerate would fix this ? If I focus on aircraft during track playback it's super smooth, but as soon as I focus my attention to any ground object you can see really obvious stuttering which I think contributes to the overall poor performance 'feeling' I get playing this game even though the fps is above acceptable. What would be causing this ?

I have turned off AA, Vsync, buildings to medium, turned off SLI and it made no difference to ground stuttering though it did improve slightly with all the good stuff off.

PC Specs: Windows 7 64bit, i7 960 at 3.7ghz, 6gb Ram, 2 x gtx 470, asus rampage mobo.

I really hope they're still working on performance, this game should run a lot better IMO on the above system.
I don't have this "ground stutters" with higher settings than you, in a 560 Ti. Something is wrong.
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