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Default Plantation, free mercs, spoilers maybe

I tried to like the New Jagged Alliance, but sadly, its just rubbish, suddenly, i remembered this jewel!

Hard-drive failure quite some time ago put me out of 7.62HC and somehow i didnt pick it up again, i remember playing vanilla, then BSM and utterly loving it, I also remember having some un-answered questions:

(Il be playing BSM again, cant remember what ver i had back then tho)

- The drug-plantation, i remember capturing it once, but can i somehow use it to make money?
I loved defending places i'd capped with my home-base militia.

- I remember having more then one merc, someone i'd pick up along the way, what free mercs were there? And how to get em?
Hoping to get cheap'ish 2-3 man "quick-start" team going.

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