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Originally Posted by swatti View Post
I tried to like the New Jagged Alliance, but sadly, its just rubbish, suddenly, i remembered this jewel!

Hard-drive failure quite some time ago put me out of 7.62HC and somehow i didnt pick it up again, i remember playing vanilla, then BSM and utterly loving it, I also remember having some un-answered questions:

(Il be playing BSM again, cant remember what ver i had back then tho)

- The drug-plantation, i remember capturing it once, but can i somehow use it to make money?
I loved defending places i'd capped with my home-base militia.

- I remember having more then one merc, someone i'd pick up along the way, what free mercs were there? And how to get em?
Hoping to get cheap'ish 2-3 man "quick-start" team going.
You can make money off every town with BSM now, I think.. something with mayors and taxes and that radio.

As for free merc, BSM adds Slaves .. which are free? or really cheap mercs with crap stats.

If you visit the bar in Santa Maria you'll come across Paquito, he's free and pretty damn good. You can also keep .. Bonny? That woman you need to set free from the hotel in Santa Maria .. if you never turn her in, you can obviously keep her forever.

Otherwise I suppose you can always just change the costs of the mercs in the outsourced.ini or whatever it is called these days.
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