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Easy money? Hell no! I used to play an older version of BSM and the re-sale values were much higher. This new setup does balance things a bit.

Big thanks for the answers.

More questions:

Voice-acting: how many charters have it? Does any "player merc" have VA?

"Slaves": Does any of them have voice-acting and does the "slave" text allways remain on em?


Truck quest wont start, what do i have to do before that? There was something if i recall...

What vehicle has the largest cargo-capasity BTW?


Truck Quest : I needed to talk to the bartender, give him 100 bucks, then he tells talk to Grauf... More lootz, here i come ^^


Mini FAQ to the truck-mission. There will be an event east of Ciudad-oro-whatevah, disarm bomb, fight off bad guys, deal with some issues. After this, Grauf heads south, past the mountains as he is stupid. You will encounter a border-patrol and WILL LOSE YOU CURRENT VEHICLE. Seeminly no matter how you handle it. If you let it just happen, you still lose your truck, boohoo...

Well, by now you've got Paquito and hes ugly-ass red car, the "ford" and your military base.

Go swap the truck to the ford in your home base, let the events happen and lose your beloved ford. Jeah, boohoo. Then go back to the base and swap back to your truck ^^
Might keep both if you leave em to the Valet, i let the ford go. Hated it.

Enjoy your new ride with muchos grandes space for lootz!

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