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hi everbody especially maltz...As i stated already i gave up to play with mage,and i started with paladin.As i guessed holy anger ability really really deathly for demons and necros.Yesterday i closed demonis gate.

But i realized necro castle army is random.In my old game with mage there were 150 necromances but with paladin there were 54 necros.But in first there were 1000 archers,in second there were 2000 archers.Maybe army random but total army health is always same.

I mean with paladin i have 17 att.(actually 17att.+15 h.a.a=32 att.),30 def.,11 int.,Althought i tried to fight in night time for night operations ability (+6 att. and def.) i missed the night.But Really easly i won the fight my leadership between 17k-18k.And army 101-Cannoners(99 survived),800+ dryads(600+ survived),2000+lake fries(700+ survived),250+king snakes(all died),250+elf archers(all died)...

I have to advice cannoners.They are really really very overpowering unit.Especially for buildings they are fatal especially after you get artifact that is incearing 100% archer attacks.

Now i understand in the game in impossible best hero character is paladin.
Yesterday i remember my total gold more than 3M.I used very easy tactic.
Dryad,snake king and archers with cannoners.So, as you know dryad is making sleepy level 1-3 enemies.And with soul stealing every turn 30% i dont have any casualties. When sleppy units wake up their counts are only a few pieces.And i beated demon princess and baal very very easly.Holy anger ability realy best ability in the game for impossible game.

Thanks to everbody...
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